Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Olivia Kajal


I have a review for a local brand Olivia. Very recently they came up with their latest offering. A Kajal. It is a lot like Hashmi's blue/red tubed version.

     The packaging is a shiny black plastic with the name written in gold. I would prefer the red/blue packaging since it is easier to spot.

Before I tell you about my experience of the kajal I should tell you that my eye lids are really dry and sometimes its hard to apply liners and stuff because it tugs.

This kajal didn't perform well when I applied it on my upper eye lids. It hardly stayed for an hour or two without primer. It fairs slightly better when I prep and prime my eyes.

On my waterline it did better. It stayed for a good 4+ hours. So if you are looking for something to tightline your eyes with this is is for you.

It isn't difficult to apply but the the fat tip can make things difficult for beginners who aren't expert at eye liner application.

The pigmentation is average. Its not the blackest black thing out there. You have to do a couple swipes to get the desired colour.

Price & Availability: Its available for RS. 50 only at almost all general and cosmetic stores.

Final Verdict: The price is so good you can definitely give it a whirl but don't expect it to blow you away.

You can find out more on their facebook page here


  1. sounds good.Will def give it a go.I love kajals ^_^

  2. never knew olivia has a kajal in a range but sad it disappointed you

  3. My eyes r super senstive so i better stay away from this :o(

  4. I purchased it and really its so so... according to price :P

  5. I love kajals.Thanks for reviewing.too bad its not good :P

  6. I did not know about Olivia's Kajal... i am very fond of suing Kajals and mostly use Hashmi Kajal.. will definitely give it a try :) i must say the price is quite reasonable :)

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  8. Applied olivia kajal and bacame a panda after an hour 🤓