Friday, 23 August 2013

Essence Blush Miami Roller Girl

       A few days back I shared my Essence haul with you and today I'll review the blush I got in that haul. Firstly, It has a very attractive name Dates On Skates, isn't that cute?

Now onto the review. Its the prettiest blush ever to look at.I mean just look at the colours. They are so vibrant and they attract your attention in a breath. You get three shades in one blush. Its a neon ombre' blush with shades ranging from hot pink, coral and hot orange. You can use all three shades individually or you can swipe your blush brush all over it to get a pretty looking  new colour. Its such a versatile product. Hell its 4 in 1.

The blush has cah-razy pigmentation. Its so pigmented that you have to really be careful while you apply it. Specially girls with fair skin tones need to apply it with a very light hand. Even for dark skin tones one has to be cautious. Even moderate can go overboard so caution is the key :)

The blush is purely matte with no hint of sparkle or shimmer of any sort.

What I don't like about this blush is that it has some fall out in the pan which makes it look untidy. The texture is a little powder. You can see the swatches it does look chalky but compared to the qualities its possesses you can and should overlook it.

The packaging is pretty standard. Its normal see through plastic. You can clearly see the product inside. The name of the product is printed in silver. I do feel that with a little scratching it might come off. I have traveled once with this blush but just to be careful I wrapped it in cotton and put it in my makeup case because having this break was a little too much pain for me to bear.

For the price its most definitely a steal and with the rate it is flying off the shelves you have to get your hands on it sooner than later. It goes out of stock in  a jiffy.

BTW did you know this roller girl collection was launched originally in 2012 but it has come to Pakistan in 2013. "Khula Tazaad" :P
Price & Availability: I got it from Just4Girls for Rs 440. Check out Essence on facebook here.

Final Verdict: You'll fall in love with it I know <3

Google Image

All mixed up
PS I have applied it with a very light hand in all the photos


  1. Nyc review! looks grt and this is on my wish list price is so reasonable Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I got this in my eid swap and love the colors but don like the powdery texture! x

  3. its so lovely i must say ! 4 in 1 makes it quite reasonable too ...loved the swatches you made :)

  4. The pink shade seems awesum .. Thanks for great review ..

  5. definitely going on my wish list.

  6. This seems a worth buy product. I'll definitely give a try to this.

    Maria Speaks Prada

  7. I love this blusher, great review:) x

  8. Great review! :)

    Follow back?

  9. wow cute thing it is.I always go diffuse and heavy on blush so it migh not be my thing.Thumbs up for review.You look great :)

  10. Using it & loving it ll b reviewing soon

  11. such an amazing pigmentation ....<3

    Nida's Beauty Bag!!

  12. Your looking lovely xx I'm so gna buy this as soon as it's back In stores.