Wednesday, 31 July 2013

EOS Lip Balm

       I was thinking of going off road a little and deviate from the makeup blogging. So I chose this cute little adorable thing thats the EOS Lip Balm. 
EOS Strawberry Sorbet
Even Kim K instagrammed it :P

I have it in Strawberry Sorbet.Kim Kardashian swears by it !! though it has nothing to do with my preference for it haha.

I don't really use lip balms on a daily basis though I know I should but i just never made a habit out of it. What prompted me to buy it was just the packaging. I had never seen a lip balm quite like this. Its so eye catching. Honestly I just bought it to catch people's attention lol I do that sometimes :)

When I got it in my mail I was kinda surprised to see how small it was but now I have grown accustomed to the fact that stuff on the internet looks twice the size. I am talking about you NYX Jumbo Pencils !
It does not need to be applied in large quantity so the amount the give out is sufficient(0.25 oz)

Onto its qualities it claims to contain Shea butter and vitamin E so it is supposed to be moisturizing. Well it wont disappoint you yet it wont do wonders either. Its not a magical moisturizer. Its just a slightly better than average lip balm.

The good thing about it is its not sticky and it does not sit heavily on the lips. I like how light it feels on the lips. Its super easy to apply and very travel friendly. Just pop it into your bag and you won't have to worry about the cap opening or the thing breaking.

These balms come in six tempting flavours Pomegranate Raspberry, Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Honeysuckle Honeydew, Medicated Tangerine and Lemon Drop which is the only with SPF 15.

Price & Availability: Available on Just4girls for Rs. 675. You can also check out Lush Grooming Bargains I got mine from this page :)

Check out my haul here

Final Verdict: Skip it if you want heavy moisturizing but if you can't resist good packaging go for it because its a fairly decent product.


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  1. Wow It look pretty dang adorable!! I really want to get my hands on this. Nyc review Thanks for sharing :)

  2. EOS lip balm is my favorite lip balm x

  3. I love Eos balms i use them regularly before going to bed and yeah i agree they are not super moisturizing but they are good and not sticky at all :) great review anam :)

  4. Its so cute

  5. Its cute little and handy lip care........

  6. you are so cute

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