Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Mini Haul

     I had a mini haul from a Facebook page called lush grooming bargains.I wasn't actually planning on buying  anything but as always I ended up making a mini purchase. 

Time to unwrap!!

A little about the store first. Hira is the owner of the online store and her page is one of the best out there. Her prices are extremely reasonable. You can never fault her for her pricing. You never get the feeling of being ripped off unlike some online stores I have come across. Her service is also prompt and she is always co-operative . No complaints so far! 

Time to go pop pop pop!!

So what did I get ??

I have this  huge problem and that is major under eye circles. I am taking raccoon eyes, panda eyes you name it!
So I am always looking for new concealers to try out. 
Lush grooming bargains opened for beauty joint and without sparing  a minute I orders La Girl pro concealer. Since I wasn't sure about which shade to get I ordered two different shades Fawn and Cool Tan. 
These cost me Rs 450 each

I was also on the lookout for a good angled brush for contouring and applying blush. That's when I ordered this angled brush by Abbamart. Its the Angled Toray Contour Brush. Sara Hassan's post on this inspired me to buy this one.
This cost me Rs 750.
LA Girl Pro Concealers
Fawn and Cool Tan
Abbamart Angled Contour Brush

Abbamart Angled Toray Contour Brush

I paid via easy Paisa. My stuff took almost 5 days to arrive which Hira had already told me about so it wasn't an inconvenience. 

I will review these soon. Check out her Facebook page here. Check out Beauty Joint for more. 


  1. These look nice, review them soon :)

  2. Nice haul amna and i have the same under eye circle problem and i have found a very nice product for that i have been using it for quite some time and i am planning a review on it in the coming week on my blog :)

    1. Cant wait. do tag me in ur post when u do. I wouldnt want to miss it :)

  3. Wow! cant wait for their review :)

  4. i would love a review on the concealor! i have the same problem with under eye circles haha!

  5. Great stuff! Would love to see your views on them x

  6. would love to know about the concealors! x