Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush

Finally revealing what I got in my last week's mail. This is actually something that had been on my wishlist for the longest time. I am  now a proud owner of Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush!! Haha too dramatic? I know.
I saw so many bloggers raving about it I just had to have it. Off late not many facebook pages were taking orders for Sigma and the pages that were had unusually high prices. Then I got lucky and spotted it at an amazing price and they promised delivery within 20 days.


Sigma F80 is a part of their 'Synthetic Sigmax' range. The Sigmax range is for 'High definition makeup application'
It is ideal for liquid and cream products though I have seen some YT gurus using it for powders as well.
It is very dense and has a flat head. The handle length is the just right to make handling easy.The bristle are not only dense but are very soft too. I am in love.

First of all let me tell you I have tried a lot of ways for applying my liquid foundation. In the early days I used my fingers, then I switched to a flat foundation brush and then a normal makeup sponge(you know the 4 in 1 pack no brand name types)
I liked the sponge method the best of all since it blended my makeup really well but ever since I have bought this I don't think of any other way.
It gives an airbrushed look to my makeup and the foundation does not look cakey at all.

How to:
I apply my foundation by putting small dots on cheeks, forehead chin etc and then using my F80 blend the dots in circular motions. Some bloggers have talked about using tapping motion but I haven't  tried that so for me the circular motions do the job well. You don't get any messy looking foundation streaks with it like you do with flat foundation brushes.

To avoid wasting of product do not put the product on the brush instead put it on the area (cheeks forehead etc) and then blend. This way your foundation will not be used excessively.
Put the dots

Circular Motions
Blended with F80

Foundation with fingers

Left side blended with F80
Right side with fingers

Transparent powder using F80

Transparent Powder using normal brush
Blush applied with F80

Blush using normal brush
           Forgive me but its really hard to show the difference in product application via photos so you'll have to trust my words instead of my photos when I say F80 does a way better job :)


Since I have only used it twice it wasn't that dirty so I cleaned it with my body wash and anti bacterial mild handwash combined. It still has  a little bit  of foundation left on the bristles. I have read that cleaning it can be a big chore but I'll manage it I think.
The drying time was nearly 15 hours but the good thing was it did not shed.

Price & Availability  It is available at Sigma 's website for $21.00. The price was increased just yesterday.
I got it from Just4girls for Rs.2200 last week but now they have upped the price to Rs.2600.
Still I think it is the best offer out there.

Final Verdict: If you are a true makeup lover you must not skip on this. The blending power is amazing and you wont regret it. Worth splurging on!!


  1. I have been using it for ages since I got it for review from Sigma :) My HG brush u can say.

  2. Lovely one, I own F-82 the round Kaubuki and LOVVVVVVVEEEE it:)

  3. I own three Sigma F brushes but did not know how to use them. Thank you so much for the detailed review with images helped alot <3

    1. Thanks for your appreciation. Makes the effort worthwhile

  4. mine did shed a little;.This can be a bit of a prob with sigma sometimes.Lovely review.Very thorough.I would suggest that when you put dots just spread them a little and gently buff.this will give a better finish and less effort.Waisey to your skin is so good that you wont need much technique to get a good finish.I have some scars so i have to work harder on my base.You know i got it an year back for 2200 pkr and even then the page owner said she was giving me concession so i think with soaring dollar rates you landed a pretty good bargain....sorry for such a long comment.Awesome review.kudos.

    1. Thanks for your tips. Next time will try it your way. My skin is good but my dark circles are a nuisance. Yes I was amazed at the price when I checked out J4G. Thanks for your long comment you know they are always welcome :)

  5. Amazing post!!Your blog is lovely!!!! Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin' ? xxx
    Gleaming Spire // Bloglovin'

  6. This one is a definite must have from Sigma. Great review! :)

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