Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color

Hello Readers 
               Recently I got the chance to try out Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color. The shade I was sent was 903 Silver Elements.


I love to try different nail colors and without polish I kind of feel incomplete my nails feel naked. You might think that's weird bit this is just how I feel. 
So when I saw the opportunity to try these I jumped right on it. 

Using Sally Hansen Magnetic Polish is no difficult task. Any one can do it. Unlike some other magnetic polishes out there this one comes with a magnet attached to the cap. I dislike the idea of having to buy a separate magnet.
The brush size is workable too.

How to use it :

Well the directions are written on the bottle and it's super easy to follow it. They have written it in clear details do that shouldn't be a problem for you.
Take out the magnet overcap and set it aside.
Magnetic Overcap

1st apply a single coat on all nails and let it dry.
The 1st coat
It dries pretty quickly so no issues there. 
Now go one nail at a time apply a thick second coat of polish and place the magnet with the guide resting at your nail's edge. Now going as close as possible without touching the nail hold the magnet for 20 seconds or so and voila the magnetic pattern has formed. 

One nail at a time

Each magnetic polish has it's own unique pattern and this one forms waves.   

Final verdict:  If you are into trying different stuff in your nails without putting in a whole lot of effort this one is definitely for you .

I was sent this for review purposes by PBBC. Check them out here I have tried my best to be honest with my review. 
Unfortunately this is not available in Pakistan however my international readers can find them in good drugstores and online.

I hope you liked my swatches. Do give your feedback.


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  3. hm that sounds like an interesting product!

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  5. it looks pretty cool. will definitely have to try this one out ^_^
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