Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Fantasy List-Picture Heavy Post

Everyone has a wishlist of some sort and one sees a lot of bloggers posting up their wishlists on their respective blogs. I decided to share my fantasy list with you. This list comprises of stuff I'd buy if I have unlimited money to buy all the luxurious crap in the world :)

So here it goes

First up on my list is this iconic perfume by the house of Chanel. It is now a collector's item. Ladies just have it sitting there on their vanity tables because it symbolizes class.


Chanel No. 5

And while I am it wouldn't hurt to get this stunning piece of art as my clutch.

Yes that's a clutch.

From perfumes i would move on to jewelry. I have always wanted a huge rock on my finger and I have had this on my mind for so long.
Tiffany & Co.

Who hasn't heard of Harry Winston jewels? They are Hollywood's most sought after and this particular watch caught my eye because this is so outrageously out there. It screams jewels and I love it.
Harry Winston Watch

I love this ring by Harry Winston too and why wouldn't I? Chuck Bass gave a Harry Winston engagement ring to Blair :P

Coming to the shoes department I just go cray cray over high heels and when its a red sole I cant resist drooling over them. Red soles yess Louboutins!!! 
I have had me eye on these boots ever since I saw Miley sporting them and also Diane Kruger carried these off so well.

Miley Cyrus

When I say Manolo Blahnik does Carrie Bradshaw come to mind?? Haina??

Carrie's shoes from the movie

She rocked Blahniks in the early 2000's like no one else. I fell in love with her shoe wardrobe and this iconic pair from SATC the movie is my absolute favourite. This $425 shoes brought Big and Carrie together. Awww Hollywood, how I love thy materialism :P

This Brian Atwood pair is also my favourite though its very difficult to carry these off and they cost GBP 5500+ that's like somewhat the price of a Suzuki Mehran car !!!
Brian Atwood

After shoes its bags that I love the most. The world's most expensive bag the Birkin is a class of its own. Just a couple of years back you actually had to get on a wait list to get your hands on a Birkin. What makes it so special is that each bag is hand stitched to perfection. You see so many celebs rocking their Birkins and practically worshiping them. Our very own Hina Rabbani Khar landed into controversy over her visit to India when she opted for a Birkin as her arm candy. These cost as much as a car would !!!

Hermes Birkin

HRK in India

After Birkin the bag I would love to have is LV and while I am at it why not a Gold LV.
I saw Ashwarya sporting it too.
Gold LV is so pretty I cant stop looking at it :)

LV means love right??

With clutches my favourites are Bottega clutches. You see these popping up on every Hollywood red carpet.

Emma Stone sports one too

Talking about accessories how can I forget sun glasses. I love these Roberto Cavalli shades more than any others out there.
Roberto Cavalli.

This Alexander McQueen frock has been my favourite ever since I saw Kate Middleton wearing it. Although the way Kim K carried it almost ruined it for me but this frock is so beautiful not even Kim K could make me let go of it.

The Duchess of Cambridge

Kim K

No one did style better than Gossip Girl in the 2000's. Fashion on Tv started and ended with GG and Serene Van der Woodsen knocked it out of the park with her amazing dresses and statement necklaces.


Georgina Sparks on GG

Nelly Yuki on GG

Hey S.
Serena's wedding gown.


And now Makeup! Yayy!

The beauty industry cant stop gushing about HourGlass cosmetics. They are really expensive but worth the splurge.
HourGlass Ambient Lightning Powder.

I would love to get this raved lipstick, the mother of all reds in my opinion Mac Russian Red.

Tiffany D YT Guru
With foundation I have been meaning to try Armani's Maestro Foundation forever. I love the name :P


Ever since my sister in law showed me this mascara I have been drooling over t. The wand is just so innovative isn't it.
Givenchy Phenomenon eyed mascara

I love Tom Ford's makeup and specially his lipsticks and nail colors.
Classy Packaging..I am Sold.

Skin Care Skin Care
Clarisonic Aria

Soon I'll buy one of these for my self . I have heard some amazing stuff about this beauty tool and I can't wait to try it.

I have always had a huge girl crush on Victoria Beckham  I love her designs. She is not your average celebrity designer in fact she is one of the top designers in Hollywood now and that's rare for celebrity designers. I love her dresses and this one is no exception
Strut it like Beckham!!

Eva Longoria another girl crush of mine. I watched Desperate Housewives mostly because of her and I can not forget her hair in this scene. It is from season 2 I think.
Couldn't find a good photo.

And now last but not the least I love these Aston Martin cars.


This one is my most favourite, It was custom made for reality tv star Snooki. This matte black and pink Cadillac SUV had been on my fantasy list forever. Snooki why why??


I hope you liked this post. I just wanted to share my taste with you. Do tell me about your fantasy list in the comments.


  1. wow what a list all i can wish, is that, u get ur money tree soon:)

  2. Chanel rocks :) I recently got Russian Red n love it.U shud def get it too :) Lovely post

  3. I like your choice in cars :D ^_^

  4. wow whattay list! hope u get as much as possible :)
    imma huge GG fan too :D

    1. haha hope so too. I watched GG for Chuck Bass :P

  5. Whoa you have a HUGE list girl hehe. x

    1. Lol you know there is no limit to fantasizing :)

  6. that's what I call a wishlist .Everything has been carefully ogled at and drooled over :P I like most of the thins .Few were a lil strong for my taste :D .

    1. Aww thanks your comments always make me happy :)
      yep my choice has always been so out there :P