Saturday, 7 September 2013

Models and Super Models

This is just a fun post I am doing for you guys. A supermodel's tribute to other supermodels!! I just adore Tyra Banks. She sizzled on the runway as Victoria Secret's angel and brought high fashion to tv with her infamous ANTM cycles. Tyra became a household name when she did her eponymous show crafted on the lines of Oprah. 

Here she has posed looking like three drop dead gorgeous super models during the ongoing NYFW that is the NewYork  Fashion Week. She plans to do 12 more tributes. I'll post those soon too.

Cindy Crawford The SuperModel of the 90's.                   

Tyra as Cindy Crawford
PS. I had to crop most of her photo due to censorship issues in accordance with my blog but you can check the full image here.

My 1st memory of her would be her fitness video tapes my mom owned. Another fond memory of her would be my perfume during the early months of me getting married. It was the Cindy Crawford's The Diamond. I have still saved the empty perfume bottle  :)


Kate Moss the woman with no curves only raw sexiness. 


Tyra as Kate Moss

Kate Moss is the brand ambassador of so many worldwide brands. A mother and a successful entrepreneur! I love her partnership with Rimmel London for some of the best lipsticks around town. 

Carla Delivingne the it girl of the decade. 


Tyra as Carla

She came on my radar with her bold appearance at the 66th Cannes Film Festival  Her bold eye brows and strong red lips left quite an impression at the Red Carpet. So much so Promise Phan did a YT tutorial for that widely requested look.

Bad Censorship
Check out original image uncensored here.

I hope you enjoyed this high fashion post I put together for you. Give your feedback if you want to see more posts like these.
Note: All images belong to Tyra Banks' twitter and Instagram.


  1. fun post! Love Tyra banks, she's so versatile in her looks x

  2. Love this new post! It's so refreshing. I saw Tyra Bank's makeovers and she actually managed to look so much like those models.

  3. The Cara one is actually freaking similar !!

  4. Hey amna great post. I ,too, love Tyra she has such a strong personality I was a big fan of her ANTM cycles cant wait for more posts like this.