Tuesday, 3 September 2013

M.A.C Medium Angled Shading Brush 275

      I was going through my posts and I realized I haven't reviewed any brushes. So I decided to start with the Holy Grail of makeup M.A.C. This is the only Mac brush I own.
Its called Mac 275 medium angled shading brush.

Mac website image
Mac 275

This brush is medium sized and its shape is a dense rectangle with a fluff angled tip.I use it to highlight my brow bone and contour the sides of my nose. There was a time I even used to contour my cheek bones with it. Now I know the size isn't ideal for cheek bones but what I did was draw a line on the hollows of my cheek bones with it and then blend with my TBS travelling blush brush.

According to Mac you can use it to apply and blend your eye shadows but honestly I have never used it to apply shadow on my eye lids. I only use it on my brow bone. I don't use it to blend my eye shadow either but that does not mean it wont do the job. You can use it to blend because its a very good quality brush.

The size is well suited for my eyes so no problems there. It also works well for my nose.

How I contour my nose with it ?
I use a brown powder to draw a line on both sides of my nose starting near the inner eye corner using this brush and then I blend,blend, blend. Keep on blending till I get the desired shape. Then I highlight the middle of the nose with a shimmer powder.

The brush has a wood handle and metal ferrules. The length is very good so poses no problems with handling while applying eye shadow. The fibers are really smooth.

Now the question would be is it a must have? Well, to be honest No, it isn't. The price is very high for the purpose it serves. I won't say I can't live without it because you can get decent brushes in half the price serving the same purpose.

Personally I don't use any other brush for highlighting my brow bone because its really good at it. You don't have to swipe it many times to get the desired result so it saves time :)
Googled Image (not my own)

Price & Availability  You can get it from Mac's website for $25.00. Get it from facebook pages in Pakistan as well.MAC Addict sells it for Rs. 2900.

Final Verdict: The brush is really good no arguments there but the price isn't justified. Not a must-have. If you love all-things-Mac then this is for you.


  1. great review.thank God its not a must have :P

  2. I dont have any mac brushes, i just got my first mac blush though. So excited for it haha :)

  3. Good review Amina. You have given in depth details about the brush. I also have it but your review will help me to use it more effectively for better results.

  4. Mac is a renown brand in cosmetics and i really like the quality of its products. You can trust blindly just like this brush. You vcan use it for multiple purposes.