Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Store Review Beauty Arena

       Today I will tell you about an online cosmetics store that I found almost one and a half year ago. It was around the time when I had just started out on makeup. This store is Beauty Arena but at that time it went by the name of Mascara Mafia. Personally I liked the previous name better.

Coming to my review the first thing I liked about them was FREE DELIVERY! Who can resist that? Since I always pay via banks or Easy Paisa their  offer of free delivery really impressed me. 

The staff has always been responsive and very prompt with their replies. They were always cordial and I never had to face any behavioral problems.

Delivery wasn't delayed even once ever! Last year I was ordering almost every month and not a single shipment delayed . I hate placing an order and waiting for days for it to arrive.

They have a lot of brands like Catrice, Karaja, Color Studio, Rimmel, Milani Himalaya Herbals etc. Check it all on the website 

I do wish they would add more economical brands like MUA and Essence specially. I do wish to see more variety of US drugstore brands and high end brands too. 

So happy shopping guys! Hope you found this useful.
Find them on facebook here

PS This was my personal experience and not a PR Post nor did I receive any compensation in any way for this post. 


  1. I love shopping from Beauty Arena too, reliable and trustworthy store! xx

  2. Do they really have free delivery? I didnt know that, perhaps I should start thinking about ordering something from them! thanks for sharing the info!! x

    1. yeah if u use bank transfer or easy paisa. thats the best thing for me

  3. Nyc post Thanks for sharing n caring :)

  4. thats great! i do follow them on FB :)

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