Monday, 15 July 2013

Color Studio Nail Colors

      I am here with a nail color post today. I'll be reviewing Color Studio's nail color 'Velvet Rose' and also it's ' Super Top Coat' 

Velvet Rose
Super Top Coat
Starting with the Velvet Rose its a cute candy pink with a gold tint to it. It's like it contains very fine micro gold particles to give it a nice sheen. It's a good color for everyday as it is not too loud. It does not make a bold statement. I would say its subtle yet classy. Though it does sometimes remind of the lipstick Nicki Minaj wears all the time :)

The brush size is good enough for you cover your nail in two strokes which is good. It's not too big otherwise color application could get messy.This color applies very smooth. 

I got a pretty much opaque color in just one coat and that's a plus. This renders the second coat optional. Still if you want more intensity you can go for the second coat. 

The consistency isn't too runny which gives you a good control over the nail paint. 

Drying time is actually pretty impressive. It was dry in less than 30 seconds. Now that's wonderful. 
Single coat without Top Coat

Single coat with Top Coat

Coming to the super top coat nothing extraordinary about that. It's good for the price. I actually bought it just to do the newspaper nail art. I don't use it every time I apply nail polish. I never made a habit out of it. 

Double Coat without Top Coat

Double Coat without Top Coat
I like the packaging of these nail polishes. It's not tacky and that's what I like about it. Since the cap is black and kinda big it's pretty easy to spot them in your drawers.

Chipping update..4th day and no chipping. That's commendable!

Double coat with the Top Coat

Price & Availability : Both of these cost Rs. 250 each. I got them from Beauty Arena They are easily available at most cosmetic stores all over Pakistan.
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End Result
Two coats with one Super Top Coat
I love it <3 <3

Final verdict: Go for velvet rose its a pretty color with a good formula but you can skip this top coat if you already own another one of top coats.

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