Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Writer's Front- The perfect place for writers.


          I have a different post today for you. I would like to share this amazing platform with all of the people who have the talent and skill for writing. Many of us have a thing for creative writing but unfortunate for us, no outlet to show off our talent. Well writer's front is the perfect place for you. So all of you free lance talented writers this post is for you.

What the company says:

                                      Writer's Front offers you flexible working hours and an opportunity to pursue your passion for writing. With interesting articles and exciting research work you can expand your knowledge and get paid for it.

Writer's Front

                           The best thing about writer's front is that you get paid. Yes they don't expect hard labour without the monetary incentive unlike other online writers' platforms. Everyone gets paid for the hard work.
So basically its easy money without the work being too taxing. Another positive is that writers are guaranteed a payment on monthly basis and can also expect increments at regular intervals. I think its a great way to encourage writers to bring forth their best. Moreover the writers get monthly bonuses on performance basis.

They offer the writers freedom to use their own creativity and revisions are rare. 
Almost 99.9% of all articles get approved regardless of what Writer’s Front’s clients say so writers almost always get paid for their work. Even in case an article is 100% plagiarized they will give you chance to re-do your work. 2nd chances are very rare in professional fields but the people at Writer's Front are very accommodating.

They also give the writers freedom to hand in any number of articles they want to daily. There is no limitation so the work flows out regularly and in bulk. All this means more money for you.

All these amazing incentives and flexible work hours seem so unreal but this platform is made specially for the awesome writers out there. In my opinion this is a golden opportunity to do what you are passionate about and get paid for it. What more could one ask for. So what are you waiting for? Head over the page, get your creative juices flowing and write, write, write.

You can contact them on
Also don't forget to check out their facebook page here 


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