Saturday, 1 March 2014

Victoria's Secret Elegant Clutch

       Recently I got the chance to shop from an online store The store has a good range of wallets,clutches and handbags. What surprised me was the brands they were offering. They even have stuff from Kardashian Kollection which I haven't really seen anywhere else in Pakistan.
 I ordered this clutch from them. It has a vibrant purple colour and the glittery surface really catches your eye.

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It is perfect for me while I travel with makeup. I know it is a clutch but personally I would use it as a makeup pouch.

The thing that I liked most about it was the zipper. It is so elegant.

The inside is all black with no logo of any kind on it.

What I don't like about it is the black leather strap it has on the outside. I think its faux-leather and could have been a tad better looking.


As far as the service is concerned it was good. I placed my order in the evening I got a call the next day and two days later my clutch was delivered. They offer free delivery with COD which is a major plus in my opinion.

Now coming onto the burning issue of originality. I cannot comment on that as I am not technically equipped to judge. If the stuff is original that is good and if it is a replica it is a fine one I have to say(apart from the faux-leather it is very good looking).

Price: It costs Rs. 2500.

Final Verdict: The range of products being offered is good but I wish they would lower their prices a little bit.
I am happy with my purchase.

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  1. Great pick Amna... Love this clutch...

  2. I also think it would be better as a makeup pouch. Great pick :)

  3. at last an honest review...thanks for sharing

    1. thanks a lot for the compliment. I tried my best :)

  4. Great choice.However I do think that the prices are reasonable given that you are shopping for branded bags.If these are replicas atleast they did not say so even in direct answer to my question.They said the bags were 100% genuine.So for now I take them to their word for now and will leave the final decision on visit to MANGO.good to see you back.xoxo

  5. Lovely color......But I think it looks like a makeup pouch and it is a replica not original because original ones always have a logo inside...Nice pick by the way....xoxoxo....:)

  6. Nice color but its not original. Its definitely a replica. I can tell u coz I do own a couple of bags from VS . Thjs is not what u would get from a store

  7. The site is a great place for bags/wallets! Even I ordered from them after they contacted me too! :)

  8. Lovely color
    Nicely reviewed
    Following u

  9. Love their shoe collection!

    btw i just got a new beauty blog, your support would mean a lot.

  10. These have been on my wishlist for so long! X

    Cara Delevinge inspired look over at-