Thursday, 7 November 2013

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint.
Okay the name alone is a tongue twister. Try saying it a couple times :)

Max Factor's tagline is really good 'Makeup for makeup artists' Max Factor's makeup has been used for tv and movies since ages. WOW

Now onto the product!

This is basically a marker for your lips. Its even shaped like one right? It has a felt tip which makes the application pretty easy . It comes in 10 shades. I got in the shade 06 which is Royal Plum. Its a purplish colour.

First the packaging, like I said looks like a standard marker with a semi transparent cap. The cap, the other end and the 'X' on the tube is coloured according to the shade.
Some people disagree but I kinda liked the packaging.

Can you see the marker kinda tip.

Now what is a lip tint supposed to be. They are more or less lip stains so you can get an idea. The colour leaves kind of a stain on your lips. Its really matte and its supposed to look natural like you are not wearing anything on your lips. It feels really light on the lips.

According to Max Factor this has a water based formula. The felt tip they say can be used two ways. First the nib tip can be used to line your lips with precision. Secondly you can use the flat side to basically just paint your lips like fill in those lines with colour. Don't you like the idea of using a marker like applicator and paint onto your lips.

Its supposed to last long and it does. The colour stays on for like 5-6 hours with some fading of course.

It has a slight scent to it which hasn't bothered me in particular but it does taste sweet which most of you might not be fond of.

The texture is very matte so the application is not that great. It tends to dry out your lips.
The colour is totally non-transferable. Like seriously it wont budge easily. The colour is difficult to remove so you need a good makeup remover for that.

The colour  appears really great on your hands so hand and arm swatches can be misleading.
This did not show up that well when applied onto the lips. If your lips are already dry or chapped then this color would not look flattering at all.

Since its sturdy plastic makes traveling with it really easy. Just toss it in your bag along with your pens and that's it. Make sure never to leave the cap open otherwise it would dry just like your standard markers.

White Light

It appears a little darker when swatched.

You can use it underneath your gloss or your standard lipstick to get good staying power but on its own it wont be able to woo you that much specially if you aren't into lip stains.

Price & Availability:
Available at Boots for GBP 6.99. Available at online stores in Pakistan.

Final Verdict: If you are into lip stains you should give it a try but other than that its an okay product that fares well. Does what it claims in most areas!


  1. This one's not for me...em xtremely dry lipped :(

    1. Yeah me too but it works under a gloss really well

  2. Lovely shade and loved your cute teddy <3

  3. Wow this colour suits you a lot :)

  4. gorgeous shade suits on a lot but,i don't think its perect for winters.

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