Monday, 23 September 2013

NOTD and a possible dupe alert??


         I am here to share my NOTD with you. I won't be giving a detailed review for this.


Ever since I tried Ogre The Top Blue  from OPI's shrek collection at a friend's place I wanted this color. I wasn't sure that OPI's Shrek COllection had been launched in Pakistan or not so my only chance was getting a close dupe.


Google Image 

 I found this one at Rivaj UK. The price was really low and I liked the color

Image from Eye Love Makeup

I'll show you how it applies on me. I got this result after two coats and a top coat. When I first bought this which was almost a year ago this polish wasn't this streaky but now over time the quality of the product has taken a hit. But keep this in mind this polish is somewhat old so you cant really blame it for being streaky and a little difficult to apply. It doesn't go on smoothly like before.

Shade 65- No name given by the company

My swatches:

Not HD


Price & Availability: It is available at some stores I think but your best bet is Eye Love Makeup facebook page, that's where I bought it from. I got it for Rs.100 but I believe they have upped the price to Rs. 125.
Check out Rivaj Uk's Facebook page here .

Final Verdict: Considering the price I suggest you go for it. They have a wide range of colors you can try new colors and experiment with different nail looks.

Do you think it is a good dupe for OPI Ogre The Top Blue ?? Comment below :)


  1. such a lovely shade i must try some rivaj nail polishes

  2. cool blue :) looking nice on your nails

  3. This is sucha wonderful color and your nails re bery pretty ^_^ Artistic hands.

    1. I am sorry did I just type "bery pretty"? :P I meant very pretty.

    2. haha thanks for the compliment :)

  4. lovely color ..rivaj nail colors have a very vast range and yes very affordable too <3 ur nails ^.^

    love from a fellow PBBC approved blogger

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  7. Ive bought this rivaj one in the same color but havent used it yet. looks good on you:)

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